Chandigarh,18.03.19-Colorectal cancer Awareness campaign was organised in the Deptt of Radiotherapy and oncology today on 18,3.19 in Radiotherapy OPD 4th floor B Block. Prof Rakesh Kapoor elaborated about the healthy lifestyle practices and the warning signs of colorectal cancer to the attendants of patients and the public. The risk factors include Male Sex, family history, genetic factors-syndrome like inflammatory bowel disease, abdominal radiation, renal transplantation, obesity, diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance. Increased consumption of red and processed meat, use of tobacco, alcohol and lack of fibre in diet , less consumption of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables contribute to increased risk of colorectal cancer.

This initiative was a part of colorectal cancer awareness month and the slogan for this year is Don't Assume. Colorectal cancer is among the top five cancers globally and is a lethal cancer . Dr kapoor. Said, Avoidance of risk factors can decrease the incidence of this cancer and recognition of early warning signs can help in detection at early stage thus offering a curative treatment .