Chandigarh September 16, 2019

Senior students of University Institute of Fashion Technology, Panjab

University today gave a warm welcome to the new students of the institute.
Students of bachelor's degree and master's degree staged fascinating bhangra, hip-hop
and music performances to entertain the newcomers. In addition to this, a host of games
were planned- including tongue twisters to keep the audience engaged.

"The event was organised keeping in mind the sensitivity towards new students and the
need for seniors to befriend the newcomers and make them comfortable in the university
atmosphere," said Kirti Sheron and Jasleen Kaur, UIFT faculty members who were a part
of organising committee. Away from stress of settling in new environment, this
fresher’s party for a breather for them and they loved the idea," said Dikshita, a
student of BSc (Third Semester) who was a part of organising team. "We are extremely
indebted to the department, to the teaching faculty and senior students for having
hosted this get-together. We feel special and deeply touched by the warmth," said
Bhupinder, a student of BSc (First Semester) who received title of Mr. Fresher.
UIFT Chairperson Dr. Prabhdip Brar encouraged students to continue such activities and
expressed her happiness that students have decided to add freshers party and farewell
officially to the department activites.